Edgar Sevikyan talks about preparing for the season with new coach

Edgar Sevikyan talks about preparing for the season with new coach

Edgar Sevikyan , an Armenian footballer for Hungarian club Ferencváros, is actively preparing for the new season under the guidance of new Dutch coach Pascal Jansen. In an interview with Nemzeti Sport, Sevikyan noted that after a short rest, he joined the Armenian national team, participating in matches against Slovenia and Kazakhstan. He then spent time with his family in Moscow to recover physically and mentally before the start of training.

"I feel full of energy and ready for the upcoming challenges," Sevikyan said. He emphasized that training under Jansen is very intense and requires full commitment. According to him, Jansen demands high discipline and professionalism from his players, aiming to implement a new style of play based on ball possession.

"The training sessions are very tough, but this is exactly what is needed to achieve success," Sevikyan added. He also highlighted the importance of teamwork and communication with teammates to achieve the best results.

Edgar Sevikyan

After the end of the previous season, Sevikyan didn't waste any time: "After the championship, I completely stopped for four to five days, rested, but then joined the Armenian national team, so the summer break was not without football," said the 22-year-old winger. "First, we played in Slovenia, then hosted Kazakhstan in Yerevan. After our second match, I stayed in Armenia for a few days, then went to Moscow to visit my family. I feel that the holiday allowed me to refresh both mentally and physically, and I am starting the preparation full of energy."

Last season, Sevikyan already stood out, scoring important goals in matches against Diósgyőr and in the Hungarian Cup semifinal against Nyíregyháza. This season, he aims to become a regular player in the team despite high competition. "There are many good footballers in our team. Everyone has to fight for a place in the team, and during the preparation, I will try to give my best and prove myself to the new coaching staff, you can count on me... I am full of strength, feel good in the team, and can't wait for the season to start and our participation in the international cup," Sevikyan shared.

More about Sevikyan 's preparation and plans for the season can be read on the Nemzeti Sport website.

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Updated: July 24, 2024, 2:52 a.m.



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