Our expectations for the 2024/25 summer transfer window for Armenian players
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Our expectations for the 2024/25 summer transfer window for Armenian players

The 2024/25 summer transfer window is in full swing. Several interesting transfers involving Armenian footballers have already taken place.

For example, 19-year-old right-back Mark Gevorgyan from "Liefering" (a farm club of RB Salzburg) moved to German "Hannover", Artak Dashyan from "Pyunik" moved to "Noah", and Hovhannes Harutyunyan returned to "Ararat-Armenia". But we are still expecting several more transfers.

Here are the expectations of the Sportball24 editorial team for the current transfer window.

Norberto Briasco Balekian. He is likely to leave "Boca Juniors", possibly on loan. "Atletico Huracan" and a Chilean team are showing interest in him. It is important for him to gain match practice and help the Armenian national team, as there are no other options for a central striker.

Grant-Leon Ranos. He has two loan options: "Schalke" and "Fortuna". BILD recently reported that he wants to start pre-season training at "Borussia M" and then decide where to move. Most likely, he will go on loan to "Schalke" as they are looking for two forwards.

Artur Miranyan. A free agent who will likely move to a foreign championship, for example, Serbia, Bulgaria, or Slovakia, preferably to a club playing in European competitions.

Aventis Avetisyan. Another free agent who has hired a personal trainer and is getting into physical shape. He is currently in Greece, and it would be good for him to find a club in the Greek Super League, where he can revive his career in a familiar environment. A move to an Armenian club is also possible. Let’s recall that the youth national team player of Armenia is a product of the Greek PAOK academy.

Artur Serobyan and Zhirayr Shagoyan. They should stay in "Ararat-Armenia" until winter. Successful matches in European competitions and for the Armenian national team in the Nations League could help them find a better career path in winter. In 2025, they should try their hand in Europe.

Haik Moussakhanian and Yerdzhanik Gubasaryan. They have been without match practice for a long time, so we are waiting for their transfers. Hayk is currently in France and is conducting personal training for young footballers, and it is not certain that he will play. Yerdzhanik is recovering from a serious injury, but his performance for the national team gives hope for a good career.

Edgar Piloyan. He should leave "Van". There were rumors about Bulgarian "Botev", but there has been no news since the trial. He should move to a more prestigious team, possibly within Armenia. He could replace Hovhannes Harutyunyan in "Pyunik".

Vahan Bichakhchyan. It would be better for him to change teams, as "Pogon" will not compete for high positions in the new season. The likelihood of a transfer is 50-50. Without a favorable offer, there will be no transfer.

Nair Tiknizyan. He is likely to stay at "Lokomotiv". He will not be sold easily, nor will Eduard Spertsyan. It all depends on the offers, which may not come due to the price and the limited list of clubs willing to buy from Russian teams.

Giorgi Harutyunyan. We hope he will go on loan to gain the match practice he deserves.

There is no need to talk separately about Spertsyan's transfer, as everyone has been expecting him in Europe for a long time, but this may not happen this summer. Meanwhile, he has been announced as the new captain of the team and will take the field with the captain's armband in the Russian Super Cup match against "Zenit".

Overall, this year we do not expect an increase in the number of Armenian players in Europe, as it was last summer when Stepan Mkrtchyan, Narek Grigoryan, Ugochukwu Iwu, and Artur Serobyan left Armenia (he later returned).

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Updated: July 24, 2024, 2:16 a.m.



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